Gronos Black Desert G500 4x4²

Gronos Black Desert G500 4x4²

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Gronos Black Desert

Tremendous freedom:
MANSORY refines the G500 4x4², creating the Gronos Black Desert.

We created a Titan that prefers rough terrain over smooth roads.
If you feel attracted to driving through the wilderness, the massive Gronos Black Desert with a special Widebody kit completely out of carbon is your perfect match.

The MANSORY interior programme MANSORY reworked the interior just as comprehensively as the exterior.
The extravagant use of carbon and leather resulted in a central console that perfectly fits the Widebody.
As an absolute highlight of the interior, the roof lining is decorated with stars with adjustable colors and light intensity.

The MANSORY wheel collection If you enjoy a calm road, then you will love this car in rough terrain.
To cope with anything nature puts in your way, we went for in-house forged wheels model M8 with a very low wall thickness, which still retains very high load capacity.

The MANSORY performance programme We did everything to awaken the dormant giant in the engine, pushing the limits of its power to the edge.
With the MANSORY Powerbox and a sports exhaust system, motor enhancements achieved an increase in performance of 63 PS (47 kW).
Even the maximum torque of the four-litre V8-biturbo was increased by 100 newton metres.