GRONOS Facelift G-CLASS (W463)

GRONOS Facelift G-CLASS (W463)

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GRONOS Facelift

GRONOS Facelift
Magnificent giant on four wheels.
Meant to cross all the obstacles in your way.
That is Gronos Facelift, intended to inspire a breathtaking look.
The striking main feature of the elaborately manufactured carbon body redesign are the significantly wider fenders.
However, its true power hides under the bonnet. Let it loose.

The MANSORY interior programme The stunning red interior contrasts with the white body, making the car one of a kind.
Our team uses only the best, flawless leather, the highest quality Alcantara and of course only perfectly-produced carbon fibre.

The MANSORY wheel collection Nothing can stop the Gronos, no surface or natural obstacle can slow it down.
The charcoal-grey monoblock cast wheels with the “SPIDER” designation come equipped with 305/35R23 tyres, guaranteeing great grip.

The MANSORY performance programme The strength of the Gronos is not only in the visuals.
Tremendous power resides under the bonnet. To this end, the AMG 8-cylinder twin turbo has been reworked with genuine racing components installed.
The GRONOS Facelift proudly achieves an impressive 840 hp (618 kW), while the maximum torque rises to an electronically limited 1,150 Nm.