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The new MANSORY G-Class in camouflage decal.
Anyone who had the chance to drive in sand dunes knows that few extreme sports can compare to this experience.
Thanks to the MANSORY refinement programme, this Desert-Offroader pushes the limits of what is possible with four wheels.
The Sahara Edition was born.

The MANSORY interior programme We are well aware that the best experience is in the details.
The in-house leather workshop has newly lined the interiors with marbled camouflage leather along with an embroidered stylized Falcon, thereby implementing the design of the exterior to the interior.

The MANSORY wheel collection To bring this immensely powerful performance on the road, MANSORY offers a wide range of wheel designs and sizes ranging from 21 to 23 inches.
We recommend its 22-inch Multispoke rim in combination with the tyre size 305/35/22 for the optimum compromise between the driving comfort and appearance.

The MANSORY performance programme The Sahara Edition is superior to the ordinary SUVs under the bonnet as well.
The AMG 8-cylinder twin turbo has been completely reworked. Instead of 536 hp (400 kW) the vehicle now boasts an impressive 828 hp (618 kW), while the maximum torque rises to electronically limited 1,000 Nm.