S-Class Coupé / Cabrio facelift - soft kit S-Class Coupé / Cabrio

S-Class Coupé / Cabrio facelift - soft kit S-Class Coupé / Cabrio

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S-Class Coupé / Cabrio facelift - soft kit

MANSORY did the next step and extend its range for the Mercedes-Benz AMG S 63 Coupé.
We unleashed the raging force of the S-Class thanks to aerodynamic components made from visible carbon fiber along with engine upgrades.
The unmistakable rear performance wing is a cherry on top with sporty looks and unique driving features.

The MANSORY interior programme MANSORY offers exclusive interior features, which value comfort and elegance, but also sportiness.
The elaborately hand-sewn and expertly stitched leather and carbon fibre seats are a highlight of the interior refinement.

The MANSORY wheel collection The driving performance is not boosted only by the wheels, but also by the overall appearance.
The ultra light 22-inch XXL-format Multi Spoke wheels give a striking, sporty look, and they also guarantee balanced load distribution, thus giving increased load-bearing capacity.

The MANSORY performance programme MANSORY can do wonders not only with the design.
We also offer an impressive selection of upgrades for the 5.5l V8 twin turbo engine in the S 63 AMG: MANSORY720, MANSORY800, MANSORY900 and MANSORY1000 –the names say it all.
From 720 PS (530kW) to 1,000 PS (736kW) - there will be something for everybody who loves powerful engines..