S-Class Coupé / Cabrio AMG S63 facelift S-Class Coupé / Cabrio

S-Class Coupé / Cabrio AMG S63 facelift S-Class Coupé / Cabrio

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S-Class Coupé / Cabrio AMG S63 facelift

Unlimited luxury for sun worshippers.
The MANSORY S-Class Cabrio Apertus Edition.
We are on our way to a unique experience and you are welcome to join us.
The new personalized MANSORY S-Class Cabrio Apertus Edition sets a new standard in the Mercedes-Benz class.
The only limit is your imagination.

The MANSORY interior programme We invited the sun in the interior.
Refined taste comes with it as well. The entire cockpit is designed using fine, carefully selected leather materials.
Along with the integrated carbon fibre components and very special details such as the re-designed sports steering wheel, the transformation offers the passenger in the Apertus Edition unprecedented feel and an absolutely unique character.

The MANSORY wheel collection To transfer this power onto the road, we offer wheels size 9.5 x 22 and 10.5 x 22 inch.
Thanks to their elaborate manufacturing process, the ultra-light forged wheels are extremely robust and reduce unsprung weight to a minimum.

The MANSORY performance programme The engine was perfected as well.
MANSORY replaced the turbo charger and sports air filter, while the new stainless-steel sports exhaust system delivers low-resistance discharge through the square exhaust tips.
The performance upgrade is so powerful that maximum torque had to be electronically limited at 1,000 Newton metres to avoid destroying the drivetrain.