Widebody for Mercedes SL (R 232) SL AMG 2022 (R 232)

Widebody for Mercedes SL (R 232) SL AMG 2022 (R 232)

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Widebody for Mercedes SL (R 232)

MANSORY completes its Mercedes individualisation programme and presents the Mercedes SL (R 232) Widebody by MANSORY.

MANSORY is now offering an extensive "widebody program" for all variants of the new Mercedes SL type R 232, which includes the following four individualization focal points in addition to the standard individualization program.

Since 1954, the letter combination "SL" has stood for dreams on four wheels at Mercedes and each individual model series of the now total of 8 generations has always been style-defining for its respective era and aroused desires among vehicle lovers all over the world.

In order to further accentuate the already very elegant appearance of the SL in detail, MANSORY has installed numerous add-on parts made of carbon all around the vehicle.
The noble and light material is used on the front air intakes, below and to the side of the front apron, in the radiator grille, the sills, the exterior mirrors and the rear apron.
Further carbon applications on the front windscreen frame, the side air outlets at the front and at the rear on the wings complete the subtle and effective body modifications.
A bonnet and a rear spoiler, as well as the simultaneously elegant and visually effective wing extensions made of full carbon complete the entire "Mercedes SL Widebody by MANSORY" and harmoniously round off the overall exterior appearance. All carbon parts can be individually selected from the extensive MANSORY carbon range.