MANSORY Gronos 4x4 MANSORY Gronos 4x4

MANSORY Gronos 4x4 MANSORY Gronos 4x4

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MANSORY Gronos 4x4

MANSORY expands its product line "Gronos" based on the Mercedes G-Class and is presenting a limited edition called
MANSORY Gronos 4x4


•    Base vehicle: Mercedes G63 4x42
•    Limited manufactory edition of 10 units
•    Single seat system with individualized rear center console
•    Power increase to 850 hp / 1.000 Nm


The word "icon" is often used in the automotive industry to describe new product launches, and in recent years there has been an almost inflationary tendency to refer to automobiles as such. In reality, however, only a few vehicle types really deserve this attribute and should therefore be called such.
In the case of the Mercedes G-Class, however, there is definitely no question as to whether this designation is justified or not - over 40 years of construction, countless customers all over the world and the unbroken high demand for the Stuttgart luxury off-roader provide a clear answer here.
The G-Class from Mercedes can and must be called one of the absolute icons in automotive engineering.

And also for MANSORY ranks the G-class unchanged among the most in demand basic vehicles for complete conversions in the high-end-vehicle-customization and finds at present in the version of the "Gronos EVO S" its current top of the range within the various G-class conversion programs of the manufacture resident in the Bavarian fire. With the presentation of the two-door "Gronos Coupé EVO C" in the spring of this year the for the time being last complete conversion variant of the now for more than 10 years successful product line "Gronos" came on the market.

With the "Gronos 4x42, which is limited to 10 units, another complete conversion variant now follows, which is based on the Mercedes G63 4x42 and immediately adds another model to the "Gronos" product line.