Ghibli Ghibli

Ghibli Ghibli

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Exclusive MANSORY styling programme for the Maserati Ghibli.
The ultimate fusion of race-bred engineering and Italian elegance, that is Ghibli.
It is only through pushing the limits that you will truly experience life.
With the MANSORY performance programme, you can achieve perfection not only in terms of the car’s look, but also its handling and speed.

The MANSORY interior programme With our upgrades, the interior emanates pure luxury and the sports car feel.
Almost all the interior components are upholstered by master craftsmen in leather, and can be combined with fine wood and carbon materials.

The MANSORY wheel collection Its power is transferred to the road by Trident design MANSORY alloy wheels size 9.5 x 22 in the front and 10.5 x 22 in the rear.
These are dressed in ultra high-performance tyres from Vredestein size 255/30R22 and 295/25R22 respectively.

The MANSORY performance programme We paid special attention to the performance too.
The petrol and diesel engines both get a makeover from our in-house engine specialists.
As a result of optimization of the standard electronics, the engine performance in the Ghibli S increases to 480 bhp / 640 Nm and the Ghibli Diesel goes up to 310 bhp / 680 Nm.