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Unmistakably MANSORY. Stylishly modified Range Rover in designer carbon fibre outfit. King on the road as well as in rough terrain.
MANSORY introduces the premium SUV with stylishly integrated carbon fibre body components with yet more dynamism, presence and even elegance compared to the standard edition.

The MANSORY interior programme The driving experience comes not only from the engine, but also the interior.
That is why we took extra care to fulfill all your wishes - even the unspoken ones.
The accessories programme includes the finest of fittings in teak or mahogany, as well as illuminated door sills, floor mats with exclusive stitching and individually-manufactured full leather interior.

The MANSORY wheel collection First-class driving conditions delivered by the 23-inch Y5/1 light alloy wheels.
The one-piece, forged wheel impresses with a high load capacity at low dead weight.
This means the British luxury SUV reacts with even greater agility and executes every steering command precisely, even under the highest levels of stress.

The MANSORY performance programme We care about power and speed as well.
Enjoy a custom performance boost for all standard Range Rover engines.
After fine-tuning, the combination of optimised control electronics and a stainless-steel sports exhaust unit results in a beefy increase in power of up to 600 bhp and torque of 750 Nm.