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The MANSORY customization programme for BMW X5.
Unmistakable, robust and elegant, that’s the BMW X5.
Hardly any other car is so prestigious and yet able to navigate rough terrain.
However, you can still achieve better quality thanks to the MANSORY customization programme.

The MANSORY interior programme Whether stylish or sporty, MANSORY offers a solution for every customer's taste in interior design.
The inhouse upholstery shop can produce everything that your heart desires from personalized floor mats to a complete exclusive leather interior.

The MANSORY wheel collection We provide an alloy rim, especially made to meet the requirements of this BMW SUV.
The M10 silver-finished, cast monoblock wheels are equipped with 315/25R23 tyres that guarantee proper grip to the road during sporty driving.
It also complements the vehicle’s visual style.

The Mansory performance programme We did our best to boost your driving experience.
One highlight is the power-packed upgrade for the BMW X5 M type.
Thanks to these modifications, the all-wheel drive with a powerful sound makes it to 100 km/h within 4.2 seconds, reaching a top speed of 300 km/h.