DB11 Cyrus DB11 Cyrus

DB11 Cyrus DB11 Cyrus

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DB11 Cyrus

DB11 Cyrus
We introduce MANSORY Cyrus
The next generation based on the Aston Martin DB11.
Uniqueness and individuality.
By refining the Aston Martin DB11 we have made a really exceptional car, which becomes a real eye-catcher on the road.
That’s why it earned a new, unmistakable name: Cyrus.
All the improvements were made to achieve an even sportier character that is underlined by the glossy racing green and silver painting.

The MANSORY interior programme The noble silver-coloured leather seats with Alcantara applications give the interior the perfect hallmark of elegance and a sporty feel.
Using only carefully selected wooden and leather materials in combination with carbon fibre elements we have achieved uniqueness, which you can adjust to strike your fancy.

The MANSORY wheel collection As a perfect compromise between comfort and control, MANSORY uses 22 inch one piece, ultra light Yavin forged wheels.
These are run at the front in 9.5x22 format with tyres sized 265/30 ZR22 and on the rear axle in 11x22 size with 315/25 ZR22 tyres.

The MANSORY performance programme We took our time not only with the exterior, but under the hood as well.
Our engine department knows how to unlock a few extra power reserves in the Aston Martin V12 twin turbo engine.
Part of the performance optimization is a stainless steel sports exhaust system.
When combined with a sports air filter, it is responsible for the powerful, throaty sound of the 5.2 litre engine.