957 Cayenne Cayenne

957 Cayenne Cayenne

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957 Cayenne

The MANSORY customization programme for the Porsche Cayenne 957.
A bold SUV, bringing an equilibrium of luxury and sporty looks.
But in order for the driving experience to be truly remarkable, MANSORY bolstered the Porsche Cayenne 957 with additional makeovers that will warm the heart of all petrolheads.

The MANSORY interior programme We created a perfect symbiosis between dynamic functionality and luxurious ambience.
Perfect decorative stitches on the instrument panel and the seats made of extremely soft leather are surely going to set the trends in design.

The MANSORY wheel collection Wheels and running gear – the components for the best road grip and an excellent look.
MANSORY developed its dynamically elegant rim design especially for the requirements of the Cayenne. The 5-spoke monoblock wheel is convincing and exclusive.

The MANSORY performance programme A striking improvement of the engine performance, a high-performance manifold and two exhaust tips produce a thrilling sonorous sound that will match the unique look. The racing springs set will allow you to bring out the best in your Cayenne.