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The MANSORY CHOPSTER limited customization programme for your Porsche Cayenne.
The massive Porsche Cayenne got some new blood in its veins in the form of lightweight carbon fibre components.
The bold work of our specialists achieved reduced weight, improved the acceleration values and also reduced fuel consumption.
Meet the Chopster.

The MANSORY interior programme To satisfy clients who are after pure luxury, this car flaunts the finest leather and carbon fibre.
In addition, it comes with a fridge, screens in the front headrests, a DVD player and laptop with internet access – it just has it all.

The MANSORY wheel collection An opulently dimensioned sports brake system gives the Chopster excellent deceleration.
This is matched with a special wheel/tyre combination of fully forged 11x23 inch monoblock rims in a turbine design and the Dunlop Sport Maxx GT-tyres size 315/25/23, which perfectly fit under the widened Chopster wings.

The MANSORY performance programme The crowning finale to the MANSORY Porsche refinement is an impressive makeover of its power.
The MANSORY engine department replaced the serial turbo with a larger one. Adjusted engine management and significantly improved air supply result in remarkably increased efficiency.