GT Race Continental GT/GTC (2014)

GT Race Continental GT/GTC (2014)

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GT Race

The Bentley Continental GT Refined into a luxury GT Race with track ambitions.
MANSORY has put the spotlight on yet another masterpiece.
We succeeded in transforming the noble, fast and luxury coupé Bentley Continental GT into a car with new properties that deserves a new name: GT Race.

The MANSORY interior programme A luxury and dynamic sporting experience, that’s GT Race interior in short.
Exceptionally for this model we used a stylish combination of materials like the finest leather, Alcantara, and green-coloured carbon fibre.
Additional highlights include leather and carbon-made sports seats, a newly designed airbag sports steering wheel and pedals made of aluminium.

The MANSORY wheel collection Matching for the new dynamic presence of the Bentley, MANSORY equips the GT Race with distinctive alloy lightweight and robust wheels, which bring you not only a majestic design, but also breathtaking on-road performance.

The Mansory performance programme “Race” is not just a fancy title in this new GT refinement.
MANSORY completely rebuilt its powerful performance. The list of changes is extensive.
From new pistons and turbocharger to new engine and transmission management.
After the modification, the maximum speed is 330 km/h. Acceleration from zero to 100 is achieved in 3.9 seconds.