LE MANSORY II GT/GTC Continental GT/GTC (2014)

LE MANSORY II GT/GTC Continental GT/GTC (2014)

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The luxury customization of Bentley Continental GT
The car’s standard model is already one of the most exclusive that money can buy.
But MANSORY’s deluxe manufactory has taken this a step further and created a top-level customization of the second generation of the British Gran Turismo.

The MANSORY interior programme We had no less ambition than to pay the highest tribute to luxury.
We selected only the finest materials from the smoothest leather to high quality wood to underline the exceptional feeling of taking a seat in the Le Mansory II.

The MANSORY wheel collection For the perfect contact with the road surface we selected a special wheel-tyre combination in an exclusive design.
The one-part 10 x 22 wheel with 10 double spokes impresses both through its exclusive look and through its outstanding build quality.

The Mansory performance programme It's important to us that both the car design and the ride itself give you a unique feeling.
That's why we placed special emphasis on rich performance improvements.
The modified 12-cylinder reduces the time to go from zero to 100 km/h to just 4.5 seconds and increases the top speed to 322 km/h.