Bentayga-WIDE BODY Bentayga

Bentayga-WIDE BODY Bentayga

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Bentayga-WIDE BODY

The Bentley Bentayga shine in the Bleurion Edition.
MANSORY does the best when it comes to refining luxury cars.
The "Bleurion Edition", based on the Bentayga off-road sports car, combines the elegance of British Bentley and Bavarian precision into a remarkable off-road experience.

The MANSORY interior programme Bentayga offers a luxury interior from the best materials including leather and carbon fibres.
We also thought about driving enjoyment, that’s why we added an aluminium pedal set and a grippy redesigned airbag steering wheel.

The MANSORY wheel collection One of the technical highlights of the Bentayga refinement program is the new 24 inch alloy wheel named the M8.
Sufficient sporting experience will be also provided by Y5/1 wheel, Spider and Multi Spoke wheels.

The Mansory performance programme Bentayga appears more powerful, lower and wider. The scope of the upgrade includes a sports silencer and new engine management.
This results in a brutal engine output of 750hp/552kW for the 12-cylinder engine of the Bentley Bentayga and a torque increased to 1080Nm.