Continental GT / GTC / Speed Continental GT / GTC / Speed

Continental GT / GTC / Speed Continental GT / GTC / Speed

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Continental GT / GTC / Speed

The MANSORY customization programme for Bentley Continental GT/GTC/Speed.
In the name of a unique driving experience we achieved the perfect symbiosis of sports functionality and luxurious ambience.
Bentley Continental GT/GTC/Speed is not only a truly prestigious vehicle, but it also allows you to enjoy every press of the pedal to the metal.

The MANSORY interior programme We introduce the perfect symbiosis between sportive functionality and luxurious atmosphere.
The masterfully crafted leather with its perfectly applied decorative stitching gives an extravagant impression and the pedals made of aluminum give you a deep understanding of where the GT Speed name came from.

The MANSORY wheel collection We improved not only the acceleration and the braking distance, but also the handling experience, significant progress was made by using weight-saving aluminum alloy wheels and the subsequent reduction of unsprung masses.

The Mansory performance programme Better performance and engine sound come as yet another signature MANSORY improvement.
A newly developed exhaust system with four angular chrome exhaust tips gives the back of the car a striking finish.
Therefore, this racer achieves an impressive maximum speed of 348 km/h.