Continental GT/GTC (2016) Continental GT/GTC (2016)

Continental GT/GTC (2016) Continental GT/GTC (2016)

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Continental GT/GTC (2016)

Elegant MANSORY refinement programme for Bentley GTC model 2016.
MANSORY has placed great emphasis on perfectly tailored parts while maintaining a sporty, individual design of this cabriolet. Along with the new bonnet, we have not only achieved an aggressive look, but also some additional power.

The MANSORY interior programme MANSORY has converted the interior into a highly functional control centre with unsurpassed quality and innovative design.
The handcrafted leather is extremely resilient, but still tremendously soft and the dashboard panels are giving the surfaces a unique 3D structure, rounding off the overall impression of luxury.

The MANSORY wheel collection For contact with the road surface we selected exclusive 22 inch alloy wheels combined with Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tyres.
Thanks to a suspension lowering system, the centre of gravity of the convertible is now 30 mm lower than the basic model, bringing the exclusive rims even more into their own.

The Mansory performance programme With our unique know-how in play we also improved the performance with the help of components such as high-power exhaust system, new pistons, turbo-charger or new engine and transmission management system.
After the modification, the maximum speed is 330 km/h.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h takes only 3.9 seconds.