Flying Spur 2016 Flying Spur

Flying Spur 2016 Flying Spur

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Flying Spur 2016

MANSORY offers elegant new refinement programme for the Bentley Flying Spur
An exceptional car for exceptional individuals, which raises the ordinary vehicle to a breathtaking and representative element of your personality.
At MANSORY we worked hard to make your arrivals dazzle all bystanders even more.

The MANSORY interior programme Bentley Flying Spur is exceptionally representative inside too.
The leather combinations in harmonious tones highlight the traditional class of a Bentley.
But for a unique impression we went even further and combined elements such as finest wood, carbon or piano lacquer.

The MANSORY wheel collection You’re going to fall in love with a car, which will make turning from smooth asphalt to an uneven road a subtle experience, all the more with 22 inch light alloy wheels “V6” or Multi Spoke that guarantee safety, dynamism and elegance in all driving conditions.

The Mansory performance programme Say goodbye to being late for important events.
MANSORY has developed a slightly stronger power upgrade, thanks to which the Flying Spur sprints from a standing start to 100 km/h in 4.0 seconds, and to 200 km/h in 14 seconds.