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The MANSORY release the Rolls Royce Ghost.
The road mirage. Once it gets to your hands, it demonstrates its sculptural purity – meet the Rolls Royce Ghost.
MANSORY set a new standard for the English luxury brand and delivers subtle modifications designed to increase the car’s elegance and add a touch of sportiness.

The MANSORY interior programme Interior is an oasis of luxury.
Seats are made from high-grade leather with a cross-stitched pattern.
The sports steering wheel together with the light bamboo inserts creates an unsurpassed exclusive atmosphere.
Technology and luxury are in perfect synergy and proudly demonstrate the distinctive design.

The MANSORY wheel collection To match the performance boost, the wheel dimensions have also grown.
The massive compact wheels with a diamond polished surface measure an impressive 22 inches.
The 9-inch front axle wheels are equipped with 265/35 Dunlop SP SportMaxx high-performance tyres, while the rear axle features 10.5 inch wheels with a tyre size of 295/30.

The MANSORY performance programme We have summoned a supernatural power that breathes life into the engine every time you press the pedal. Instead of the standard 570 PS (420 kW), MANSORY’s upgraded White Ghost Limited series now features impressive 638 PS (469 kW) at 5700 RPM. This makes the 2,360 kg beast blast off from 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds.