McLaren mp4 12c McLaren mp4 12c

McLaren mp4 12c McLaren mp4 12c

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McLaren mp4 12c

Spectacular super sports car.MANSORY customizes the McLaren 12C to create a work of art.
The McLaren 12C has become a masterpiece and you can own it.
But in order to truly understand it, you must become one with it. In addition to the design elements such as the ultralight bonnet with exposed carbon-fibre sections, a number of specifically selected measures deliver a boost in power and aerodynamics.

The MANSORY interior programme The interior is a marvelous display of symbiosis of luxurious ambience and a sporty feel, which will immediately take your mind to the race track.
The newly designed airbag sports steering wheel, the aluminium pedals and the real carbon-fibre elements are practical, while the leather seats bring the ultimate comfort.

The MANSORY wheel collection In line with the McLaren’s dynamic new presence, MANSORY fits the two-seater with striking light-metal wheels.
Manufactured using forging technology, these wheels are ultralight and especially robust.

The MANSORY performance programme To bring your driving experience to the next level, we have spent extra time on the engine.
The upgrade includes a high-performance exhaust system, a new engine management system and a sports air filter with increased air flow.
Thanks to the modification, the top speed is 353 km/h and the maximum torque climbs to an imposing 675 Nm.