Venatus Coupé EVO C Venatus Coupé EVO C

Venatus Coupé EVO C Venatus Coupé EVO C

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Venatus Coupé EVO C

The basic idea for the construction of this vehicle was brought to MANSORY by its customers several times as part of the "MANSORY Bespoke" conversion program and met with undivided support and enthusiasm right from the start and due to the multiple inquiries, the decision even matured in the end to produce a limited small series of 8 copies to be released.
After an extensive planning and construction phase, it took a year and a half from the idea to the final implementation before the vehicle shown here stood on its voluminous wheels.

•    Complete vehicle conversion
•    Full modification to 2-door coupe
•    Base vehicle: “MANSORY Venatus EVO S”
•    Limited edition of 8
•    “One of One” philosophy: Each vehicle is delivered as a one-off
•    Individual seats with individualized center console in the rear
•    Power increase to 900 hp

The Lamborghini Urus continues to enjoy very strong demand worldwide in the luxury off-roader segment and is also one of the most popular basic vehicles for complete conversions among MANSORY's international customers thanks to its unbroken popularity.

Body conversion: In order to convert the base vehicle from a 4-door configuration to a 2-door configuration, extensive body modifications have to be made.
As a first step, the standard Urus is stripped of all four doors.
The B-pillar is then moved backwards by exactly 200 mm in order to provide sufficient space for the front doors, which have grown to the same length.
All mechanical conversion measures on the doors are carried out while retaining the standard safety technology, and all necessary optical conversion measures are carried out with great effort using partly completely new body parts and a subsequent repainting to make them completely invisible.
This is the only way that the conversion of the doors can be carried out in a way that is both visually pleasing and technically perfect.
In order to adapt the design of the "Venatus Coupé EVO C" to the existing design elements of the "Venatus EVO S" as harmoniously as possible, the "Venatus Coupé EVO C" has been significantly widened in the area of the side panels and the car got massive side air intakes in front of the rear wheels.
The corresponding new body side panels to be fitted were also completely redesigned and newly welded into the existing body structure of the car.
The design of the doors will also be adapted and given a completely new design language by using an arrow-shaped 3D shape.
To round off the side view in its entirety, MANSORY installs an additional side air duct made of full carbon in the entire area of the C-pillar.